COSMA with healthcare research

Having dementia, living with, or caring for a person with dementia often means facing new challenges, experiences, and situations daily. The COSMA application can provide the necessary support to meet day-to-day needs. In addition, it may be one of the tools needed for healthcare research.


Healthcare Research

COSMA is an ideal application for research organizations that have focused their study on improving the quality of life of patients with mild dementia and their caregivers using an application. The app's goal is to assist in research to determine the scope of functions offered by technology to help patients with dementia.


Digital Heath Research

COSMA is an excellent tool to evaluate the usefulness and effectiveness of digital software in terms of adherence to treatment, use of resources, the cost-effectiveness of treatment, and quality of life of patients and families, among other aspects. Thus, the app represents a breakthrough in research for integrating various resources and digital healthcare applications.


Valuable Healthcare Research Data

The platform's contents aim to aid research on adherence to treatment to halt the progression of dementia. In addition, studies that aim to stimulate cognitive rehabilitation and changes in social relationships could be derived from the use of the platform. This new technological resource is available through smartphones and tablets.


Healthcare Research on Dementia

It is also helpful to healthcare research conducting cognitive studies of patients by monitoring their health and the parameters agreed upon in the project design. The app is also beneficial for analyzing virtual platforms and their integration with the information and management system of the healthcare system for better accessibility and management of clinical data of doctors, nurses, patients themselves and their families, and the follow-up and monitoring of patients from their homes.


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