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COSMAS APP is a highly personalised and easy-to-use platform that supports people with dementia to perceive therapy with fun. As a more engaging and playful activity by improving their response on an emotional and motivational level. As a result, we create life with dementia much easier.



Support for people within Dementia Communities

The cognitive application can help slow the progression of dementia in people through agile and straightforward activities. COSMA is an app containing multiple exercises for memory, concentration, or visual perception to support people with dementia. It is ideal for support for people in the dementia community because it helps the development of different functions.


The most appreciated functionality has been the usefulness of games and memory exercises, reminders and health data. The various digital functions provide users with dynamic activities for rehabilitation and stimulation of mental capacity. This cognitive software is recommended as a complement to interventions for people with dementia to improve those areas that present difficulties.

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Alzheimer's Society Associations' support for people with dementia

COSMA has a series of interactive exercises that train the different cognitive processes. Allow them to improve or maintain their functional capacity through training in other cognitive functions in a playful and attractive environment. This app ultimately enables them to improve or maintain their quality of life and improve their emotional state. It is multi-platform, so it can be used both in the web version and tablet devices and is available for Android and Desktop.


People who belong to the dementia community can access the application composed of a series of applications that promote brain activity and are helpful for the management of the disease. These functionalities comprise a diary and calendar with alerts and reminders for treatment and care, health appointments or other events; memory training games; health tracking data such as vital signs; health education content; and much more.



Memory Cafe's Group Sessions

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24/7 Customer Support


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COSMA Training to all Staff
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