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BRAINBERRY envisions the better quality of life

The concept of COSMA stems from our founder’s personal experience of accompanying her grandmother through a rough journey with Parkinson’s, a decade ago.

Brainberry is dedicated to the research and development of effective cognitive therapies which will effectively combat the onset of Dementia. 

Our idea of digital healthcare came to the fore in 2016 when the company’s bootstrapping stage, lead to the idea of a therapy software highly focused on dementia symptoms.

The development of the software tunnelled into the R&D process by end of 2017, leading us to start working on conducting a clinical trial with people to develop an evidence-based product aiming at treating cognitive degradation, depression, anger & anxiety; the logical reasonings which are considered to leading onset symptoms of dementia using brainwave analysis.

Now in 2020, Brainberry has unveiled Cosma as the first step our journey in finding a treatment for the symptoms of Dementia.  More therapies are now in production and you will soon be able to see Cosma for the integrated eco-system that it is destined to be.


BrainBerry Founded


Development of COSMA Therapy Software for Dementia and Neurofeedback Headset Development for personalised therapy for dementia


Beginning of COSMA Therapy Clinical Trials Preliminary Study @University of Leicester, UK. Pilot Study @CERTH, Greece Phase II Study @Aurous, India


COSMA Therapy Launch


COSMA Diagnostic Development and Launch


COSMA Neurofeedback Therapeutic System with Class IIB medical device Status

Our Vision

COSMA has been designed specifically to aid people with Dementia.  Through continued research, supported via our unique feedback system, we aim to continue to develop COSMA as the leading non-medicated therapy for dementia.  Our goal is to help over 100,000 people in the UK alone to fightback against Dementia.


Is simple, to help as many people as we can to manage, alleviate and continue to lead fulfilling lives whilst dealing with Dementia.  By collaborating with other health professionals and experts in the field of Dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases; we hope to develop COSMA into a world leading therapy which can help millions of people continue to lead independent lives.

Fightback Against Dementia

COSMA can help alleviate the impact of Dementia, live a longer and better life with our therapy.